We only ask a few main requirements of our applicants:

  •  Firstly JKS is a community aimed at catering to mature gamers, so please be aware that we have a minimum age requirement of 18 years of age. And while we do treat each application on a case-by-case basis, unfortunately we will normally not accept applicants who are under our minimum age limit, or who are under the minimum age classification set for the game.

  • Also make sure that you have read our Jokers Gaming Rules below and that you understand them completely. Our rules are in place to ensure fair play from our members. We're committed to these ideals and to gaming in a style that you would happily play against. While always having a good time, we want to stress the ideas of fair play and team work as being our highest concern here at Jokers.

  • Our real world requirement - we ask that you own and regularly use a microphone. (And likewise regularly join in on our clan's Discord server when gaming). This is to ensure Jokers Gaming retains a friendly atmosphere for our members; a close group of gamers that communicate well when playing.

  • And one last common sense thing - we ask that you always treat your fellow Jokers members with the respect that they deserve. We are a mature group of friends, and everyone likes to make the most of their gaming experience within the community. Respect all your fellow members, regardless of how long they have been in the group, or what position they hold.
    Never bully, harass, discriminate or in anyway upset another clan member, recruit, or associate. 


Our rules can be separated into two distinct categories:

  • Game Rules - regarding cheating, illegal actions and breaches of the games' End User Licence Agreement (EULA).

  • Social Rules - relating to respect and fair conduct amongst clan members and the wider gaming community.

Break any Game Rule and you will immediately be removed from the clan. Break any Social Rule and you will enter into a demerit system - where if enough demerits are accrued - you will be asked to leave the clan as well.



NO HACKING - The use of third party software to improve your game play is strictly forbidden.

NO GLITCHING - Likewise, using the poor programming of a game to gain an advantage over others is strictly forbidden.

NO MACROS - The use of macro's is seen as cheap. If you're unable do something in game yourself - dont setup your keyboard to do it for you!

NO STAT PADDING - Unfortunately, Battlefield allows for a number of ways for gamers to illegally "boost" their points and their stats. Without listing any of those methods here, we'll simply say that gaining points for yourself via any means other than proper game play is strictly forbidden.


NO CAMPING THE ENEMY BASE - Firing into the enemy spawn at any time (whether all flags are capped or not), with any weapon or vehicle is never an acceptable tactic. This includes  the use of mortars, by sniping, strafing with the fighter/bomber, or any tactic you can describe. Once all the flags are capped pushing an enemy back into their base is fine. It is part of the game and the overall goal for you to quickly finish and win the round. However killing an enemy player the second they spawn is not in keeping with our JKS rules of fair play.

NO POINT WHORING - By this we mean no "selfish" play. Choosing to place yourself or armour away from critical areas of attack or defence, for the sole purpose of gaining cheap points and easy kills. (ie: camping the edge of the map as a scout, with a sniper rifle. It takes a useful spawn point away from your squad, and they lose part of their fighting ability without you assisting them). To do this while your team mates suffer for lack of support goes against the very idea of clan-based squad work and our fair play policy.

DO NOT SPAM OVER-POWERED WEAPONS - Certainly play your own game, your own way. Work as a team to achieve objectives or even play lone wolf for a while if you wish. But while playing, don't spam cheap or over powered weapons. For example, don't play an entire match by simply launching mortars from half the map way, miles from the action. 



NO HACKING - The use of third party software to improve your game play is strictly forbidden.

NO GLITCHING - Likewise, using the poor programming of a game to gain an advantage over others is strictly forbidden

NO TEAM KILLING - BattleGrounds is a "single life" game.  If you die in a match, that match is over for you - there are no second changes. Therefore intentional teamkilling is viewed as a bannable offence by the game developers, and by our clan as well.


NO TEAMING - If you discover you have joined a match where Steam friends or clan mates are also on the server, but are in a rival duo/team, you must treat your friends the same way as you would treat any other competing player. You cannot join up with them to form an unfair alliance against other players on the server.

SHARE LOOT  - When playing as a team (duos or squads) loot must be shared amongst everyone in the group, whenever reasonably possible. It is unfair to reserve all the best equipment for yourself while your team mates suffer with inferior loot. To withold equipment from your team mates, not only goes agaisnt our clans fair play policies but ultimately hurts you as a player, as your squad mates will have less equipment to assist you with during the match. 



We require you to have read the above rules in full, and understand them completely. This section here is to ensure that you have in fact done this, and not simply glanced over them or neglected to read them entirely. If you are a Jokers Gaming applicant, when filling out your application - please answer the very last question on the form with the sentence:
 "I agree to follow the JOKERS GAMING Rules in full".

If we do not see this at the bottom of your application, we can only conclude that you have NOT read the above rules in full - and as such we will not approve your request to join Jokers Gaming.

Also, please note that signing up to the forum or putting in an application DOES NOT entitle you to wear Jokers clan tags. Those applicants that are successful will be informed by admin as to when they are allowed to add their tags.