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Jokers Gaming. Lots of words have been used to describe us. Some of them only containing four letters, and often displayed with "#$*@!" .... which is funny, because you cant spell "completely awesome!" with just four letters. And really, it just goes to show - there are a lot of illiterate people out there. Personally I blame the education system and the state of our schools today. Under-funded, under-staffed and poorly run.

But I digress.....

JKS are a gaming clan who exclusively specialise in the Battlefield franchise. From our earliest beginnings in BF2142, we have gamed our way right across the Battlefield world - from The Seine to The Suez. Camp Gibraltar, Valpariso and so many more old favourites. Our clan mates have played everything from Battlefield 2 to the current Battlefield 4, and now the up and coming Battlefield 1 is firmly in our sights.

We are a constantly evolving group, recruiting new members from all walks of life. Our members range from 15 to 50, however as a mature gaming clan, we focus on maintaining a vast majority of members who are over the age of 18. Uni students, musicians, truck drivers and dole bludgers. You'll find all sorts of mates at Jokers Gaming. And thats really what we're all about - mates.

Our clan doesnt recruit based on skill. It's who you are and how you fit in, that counts with us. A decent guy who can have a chat and a laugh, will be more at home here, than a pro gamer who never says hello to his clan mates.

However, that being said - we certainly aren't lacking when it comes to top gamers. Our clan has both a competitive and social group, and we're proud to say that our scrim teams have beaten some of the best opposition in the country. We have a strong tradition of fierce game play, taking home the top spot in the country during Bad Company 2, on the hardcore ladders.

We currently have 5 teams enrolled on the CyberGamer ladders - Australia's largest online gaming community. And at the same time, we also participate in multiple, private competitions as well.

But while we love to compete, and push for the win, that doesn't mean we don't like to have fun. Jokers Gaming is at its core, a bunch of mates who enjoy the added fun of gaming together as a group. Communicating on Team Speak, not just to work together but to have a laugh!

If Jokers Gaming sounds like the clan for you... well piss off. We're full. Plus you look kinda weird...

Tell you what though: sign up anyway. We can always use someone to cut up the oranges at half time.

Jokers Gaming: Serious Gaming, for Serious People.

(We just made that motto up on the spot, and most of us were drunk when we did it, so don't you go rolling your eyes at the screen like that, ok buddy???).